Professional and Community Training

Participatory Workshops

Virtual and In-Person Short Courses

Alternative Economics

Harnessing the social economy. More→

Community Wealth-Building

Democratizing the local economy. More→

Decolonizing Education

Exploring alternative narratives. More→

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an inclusive environment. More→

INFACT Strategic Analysis for Action

Social analysis and tools for transformation. More→

INSPIRE Cultural Action

Examining values, ideas and beliefs. More→

Participatory Budgeting

Empowering local communities. More→

Paulo Freire and Global Education

Connecting global issues with local experience. More→

Paulo Freire Study Workshop

The relevance of Paulo Freire's work today. More→

Community Organizing

Mobilizing communities for change. More→

Sustainable Leadership

Ethical decision-making and sustainability. More→

Thinking Critically

Deepening understanding and analysis. More→

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