Participatory Workshop

Starting in Community Organizing

Mobilizing Communities for Change

Organizing and taking action for change is an educational process. These sessions use ideas and strategies from the work of Paulo Freire, Saul Alinsky and others to help participants to think more clearly about their practice.

Workshops and training sessions are organized around the specific needs of your group but may include building alliances, networking, practical steps to engage and retain support for your cause; decision-making, organizational structures, forms of leadership; conflict resolution, group dynamics, negotiating, dialogue; strategy-building, planning, allocating resources; tactics for action, creativity, renewing enthusiasm for action; and action-reflection, training, learning from experience.

This course is available in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats to meet diverse organizational needs and preferences.
  Course Delivery
This participatory workshop programme available in the following delivery formats:
  • Virtual delivery
  • In person delivery
  • Hybrid delivery
This is typically a one-day course delivered as in-house training. Longer or bespoke programmes can be arranged.
  Course Certificate
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

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