INSPIRE Cultural Action

Examining values, ideas and beliefs
Our INSPIRE workshop enables groups to share experiences, gain a better understanding of their social environment, develop a clear and meaningful vision and engage in the practical planning that is needed for success.
Just as importantly, it provides inspiration – a vital ingredient for change. Workshops are aimed at providing participants with a framework to explore the relationship between faith and action.

Participants look at their values and commitment – including faith commitment, in the case of faith or interfaith groups – in the context of their wider social environment to see how their values can inform vision-building and action.

It is for your group to use the tools in the way that is most applicable to you. We do not promote any particular ideology or system of belief but draw upon your existing commitments.

This workshop is available only by arrangement for training at your organization's premises or as part of a CPD programme.

Professional workplace and community training

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