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Organizational evaluation and change to transform how you work

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We offer a consultancy service to professional, community, issue-based and faith-based organizations. This enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your activities and develop an awareness of the particular skills or resources which could benefit your work.

We work flexibly to meet the needs of your organization. We can offer you specialist help where appropriate or direct you to other possible sources of advice and support.
Our highly qualified consultants bring Freirean perspectives into organizational development as they partner with you to:

Identify systemic blocks: Analysis of internal structures, policies and cultures through a critical lens.

Creating dialogue and an empowering culture: Establish genuine communications, collaboration activities and shared decision-making within organizations.

Values aligned with social justice: Reshape you activities to promote equity, participation and respect for diverse communities.

Our services

Talk to us about your organization's needs

Research and information

Analysis of social issues, policy and practice.


Enhancing your organization's capabilities.

Group evaluation

More effective planning and practice.

Social analysis

Training in specific social analysis skills and practice.


Building links between organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

Media links

Building links to media and other sources of support.

Conflict resolution

Group mediation and dealing with conflict.


Canvassing for support around specific issues.

In-house training and CPD

Specialized training and learning sessions for community and public sector organizations, professional groups and issue-based groups.

“Only the complete is concrete”

Marcel Mauss

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