PartiCIpatory Workshop

Paulo Freire and Global Education

Connecting global issues and local experience
If people are to have an effective involvement in social transformation, they need a critical understanding both of the world in which they live and of the alternative visions which people share.
Drawing upon approaches inspired by the work of Paulo Freire, Global Education aims to relate people’s knowledge, skills and experience to global themes. Participants in the programmes begin to draw the relationships between the different levels and aspects of society based upon the concrete knowledge which they hold. They see the links between, for example, the local, national and international dimensions; or between cultural, political, social, economic, environmental and religious questions.

Using the information they have to hand, and sources which are readily accessible, participants can develop their knowledge through a genuinely problem-posing approach to education.

This workshop is available only by arrangement for training at your organization's premises or as part of a CPD programme.

Professional workplace and community training

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