Cultural Studies

Freire, the Artist
and the Community

Arts, Theatre and Culture in Social Change

The role of education extends beyond traditional classrooms and textbooks. It transcends the boundaries of disciplines, inviting us to engage with ideas, narratives, and practices that shape the very essence of our society. This course takes us on a transformative journey through the realms of art, theatre, and culture, guided by the educational philosophy of Paulo Freire.

Paulo Freire's name is inseparable from the concept of critical pedagogy, an approach that challenges the passive reception of information and instead advocates for dynamic dialogues, participatory learning, and critical consciousness. His groundbreaking work in education has not only revolutionized teaching methods but has also cast a powerful light on the intersections between education, culture, and social change.

The course is an invitation to reimagine education, creativity, and activism. As we traverse the landscapes of stories, semiotics, engagement, and empowerment, we embrace the legacy of Paulo Freire and embark on a journey of intellectual and experiential growth that transcends the walls of academia and resonates deeply with the transformative potential of art and culture.


  • Storytelling and the importance of 'story' in our cultural lives
  • Semiotics, culture and language
  • Socially engaged practice
  • Sharing experiences
  • Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Theatre as a tool for development
  • Reflecting on art and culture through a Freirean lens

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  Course Starts

The course starts on September 16, 2024.


You will be registered for 12 months from the start of the course. The minimum time necessary to complete the course is 3 months.

  Course Delivery

Course materials such as videos, readings and tasks will be released over the period of your enrollment. Live online seminars are not part of the course content but may be made available as a bonus.

  Course Certificate

You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I view the course material without taking the assignments?

You do not have to take the assignments at the end of the course, but there are tasks and exercises during the course that are essential to the learning process. You will need to complete these in order to progress.

How long does the course take?

If you go through the sessions week by week and complete everything as quickly as possible, the course will take around three months. However, we give you a year's registration in order to make sure that you have plenty of time.

What do I need to do for the course certificate?

There are two assignments at the end of the course. The first is a learning journal, which will be based on tasks and exercises that you have completed throughout the course. The second is an essay. Additionally, as a prerequisite, you must have successfully completed the accompanying social analysis mini-course.

Do I get feedback during the course?

Yes, you are able to engage with tutors and you will receive help and feedback where needed. We would also encourage you to engage with other learners on the course.
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