Participatory Workshop

INFACT Strategic
Analysis for Action

Training for Transformation

Inspired by Paulo Freire’s methodology and approach, INFACT workshops are geared towards reflection on underlying values and motivations, a detailed analysis of our communities, the elaboration of common goals and visions, and a range of tools to help give a sense of direction to an organization’s work.

The process is based on intensive group work in which people reflect on their lives through several frameworks which help them to clarify four areas crucial to community transformation:

  • Individual and community history and values
  • Analysis of their own communities and cultural contexts, the way they interrelate and the underlying dynamic that governs them
  • The vision to which the group is committed
  • The building and testing of strategies that will enable the group to move towards this vision

The four areas overlap at various points in a continuous process of action, reflection action, as participants seek to find the connections that will help them re-evaluate their experience.

This course is available in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats to meet diverse organizational needs and preferences.
  Course Delivery
This participatory workshop programme available in the following delivery formats:
  • Virtual delivery
  • In person delivery
  • Hybrid delivery
This is typically a one-day course delivered as in-house training. Longer or bespoke programmes can be arranged.
  Course Certificate
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

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