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Research and Documentation

Research, analysis, documentation and evaluation

Analysis for change

We offer a high quality research and documentation services to professional, community, issue-based and faith-based organizations, including statistical and quantitative analysis, systematic reviews, participatory action research, qualitative synthesis and evaluation reports
Our research and documentation services aim to put marginalized communities at the centre of analysis. We have expertise in:

Participatory action research: Collaborating with communities to create knowledge that brings about change.

Storytelling for social impact: Developing narratives that amplify voices, create empathy and encourage positive transformations.

Community and organizational research: Analysis of structures, institutions and the hidden dynamics of any community.

Impact assessment: Understanding effectiveness in terms of promoting socially just outcomes.

Our services

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Research and information

Analysis of social issues, policy and practice.


Enhancing your organization's capabilities.

Group evaluation

More effective planning and practice.

Social analysis

Training in specific social analysis skills and practice.


Building links between organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

Media links

Building links to media and other sources of support.

Conflict resolution

Group mediation and dealing with conflict.


Canvassing for support around specific issues.

In-house training and CPD

Specialized training and learning sessions for community and public sector organizations, professional groups and issue-based groups.

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