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Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire’s philosophy of education has had a profound impact on people throughout the world working for social change. His work has been applied not only to formal educational settings but to many diverse social movements.

Communities and Conflict

A course examining ideas of what we mean by community, the role of conflict, and our roles as activists, organizers or change agents, and the situation of the organizations or institutions in which we work or are involved.

Social and Solidarity Economy

This course examines the key concepts, organizational forms and impact of the social and solidarity economy, and explores alternative economic models that promote social justice, economic inclusivity, and sustainable development.

Culture, Ideology and Belief

A course on understanding how social movements and faith communities can act as agents of change; the collective myths and underlying conflicts in the environment or groups with which we work; and tools for the analysis of change.

Power, Politics and the State

A course which examines 'politics' in the broader sense: the organizations and institutions of power, the hidden structures of authority and the informal networks that contribute to the inner workings of society, and strategic positioning.

Global and Social Change

This course examines the forces driving global and social change, including cultural, political, economic, environmental and technological factors. It includes a focus on social movements and how to participate effectively in working for change.

Reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Six weeks with live seminars and supporting online materials

Measuring Social Value

What is social value and how is it measured? How useful is it as a concept?

Freire, the Artist and the Community

Understainding Freire's approach through the arts, theatre and culture

Participatory Workshops

Alternative Economics

Harnessing the social economy. More→

Community Wealth-Building

Democratizing the local economy. More→

Decolonizing Education

Exploring alternative narratives. More→

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Creative an inclusive environment. More→

INFACT Strategic Analysis for Action

Social analysis and training for transformation. More→

INSPIRE Cultural Action

Examining values, ideas and beliefs. More→

Participatory Budgeting

Empowering local communities. More→

Paulo Freire and Global Education

Connecting global issues and local experience. More→

Paulo Freire Study Workshop

The relevance of Paulo Freire's work today. More→

Community Organizing

Mobilizing communities for change. More→

Sustainable Leadership

Ethical decision-making and sustainability. More→


Deepening understanding and analysis. More→

In-house Training and CPD

Short courses and interactive workshops are for organizations and businesses, by arrangement

Develop your team's skills

Short courses can contribute to developing your own or your team’s knowledge and skills, and support career and professional development. We offer a range of workshops and short courses for continuing professional development (CPD). Programmes can be tailored to your organization's needs.

Intercultural Formation Programme

An intensive programme for community organizations, action groups and advocacy groups
The Intercultural Formation Programme is a three-year programme, with a combination of field study an class-based activities. It is designed to help the formation of individuals and organizations working for social justice. Individuals applying to the programme must be nominated by an organization, and are subject to acceptance.

Phase I: Field Study

A year's intensive analysis in the field to prepare volunteers and activists for ongoing development.

Situation Analysis

Understanding values, situation and involvements. More→

Community Analysis

Understanding the local community environment. More→

Economic Analysis

Understanding economic processes and interests. More→

Cultural Analysis

Understanding ideology and culture. More→

Political Analysis

Understanding power, politics and conscientization. More→

International Analysis

Understanding international strategies and movements. More→

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