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Social Investment

Achieving a Positive Social Impact

This in-house training programme on Social Investment is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to balance financial returns with positive social impact. The course delves into the principles and significance of social investment, offering insights into the strategic development and practical implementation of impactful projects. Participants will learn about key theories and models that underpin social investment, exploring ethical considerations and the importance of measuring social impact.

The training emphasizes the creation of effective social investment plans, guiding participants through the identification of social needs and opportunities, and the development of strategies that align financial objectives with social benefits. Practical workshops will offer hands-on experience in using tools and resources essential for social investment, while case studies and real-world examples will provide valuable lessons from successful projects.

Advanced analysis techniques will be covered, equipping participants with the skills to evaluate social investment data, plan scenarios, and forecast outcomes. Interactive discussions and collaborative activities will enhance understanding and foster the ability to make informed decisions that positively affect communities and stakeholders.

By the end of the programme, participants will be capable of designing, implementing, and managing social investment projects that achieve meaningful social impact. This course is available in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats to meet diverse organizational needs and preferences.
  Course Delivery
In-house training programme available in the following delivery formats:
  • Virtual delivery
  • In person delivery
  • Hybrid delivery
This is typically a two-day course delivered as in-house training. Longer or bespoke programmes can be arranged.
  Course Certificate
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


Learning Outcomes

Course Content

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the principles and importance of social investment
  2. Analyze the impact of social investments on communities and stakeholders
  3. Develop strategies for effective social investment implementation
  4. Evaluate social investment projects using various analytical tools
  5. Apply theoretical knowledge to practical case studies, emphasizing social justice

Session 1: Introduction to Social Investment

Introduction to key concepts · Definition and importance · Historical context and evolution · Relationship between social investment, finance, and social justice · Key theories and models · Ethical considerations and social justice implications · Importance of impact measurement · Overview of key impact measurement frameworks · Theoretical and practical challenges in social investment

Session 2: Developing a Social Investment Strategy

Identifying social needs and opportunities · Balancing financial returns with social impact · Steps for developing a comprehensive social investment plan · Best practices and common challenges · Overview of tools and resources · Practical guidelines for using these tools · Analysis of successful social investment projects · Lessons learned from real-world examples · Hands-on exercises for developing a social investment plan

Session 3: Implementing Social Investment Projects

Detailed guide on the implementation process · Key factors for success · Strategies for stakeholder engagement · Importance of collaboration and partnership · Techniques for monitoring and evaluating social investment projects · Tools for continuous improvement · In-depth analysis of social investment data · Scenario planning and forecasting · Collaborative analysis of case studies

Session 4: Practical Application of Social Investment

Step-by-step application of key concepts · Practical tips and best practices · Group work on creating a project plan · Analysis and presentation of project plans · Methods for calculating and presenting social impact · Discussion of findings and implications
This course is suitable for social investment personnel, professionals working in corporate social responsibility (CSR), non-profit and NGO leaders, financial advisors specializing in impact investing, policy makers and government officials involved in social programmes, and community development professionals.

This course will be useful if you are looking for:
  • Strategies to balance financial returns with social impact
  • In-depth understanding of social investment principles and ethical considerations
  • Methods for developing effective social investment plans
  • Tools and frameworks for measuring and evaluating social impact
  • Best practices and case studies from successful social investment projects
  • Skills to engage stakeholders and manage social investment projects
  • Techniques for scenario planning and forecasting social investment outcomes
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