Course Area

Policy and Politics

Analysis of Power and Decision-Making

Courses in Policy and Politics

Power, Politics and the State

A course which examines 'politics' in the broader sense: the organizations and institutions of power, the hidden structures of authority and the informal networks that contribute to the inner workings of society, and strategic positioning.

INFACT Strategic Analysis for Action

A CPD workshop designed to help your organization undertake systematic analysis of its context and resources in order to focus on implementing action for change.

Sustainable Leadership

Traditional mоdels of leаdershiр аrе increаsingly proving ineffective. Sustаinаble leаdershiр empоwers individuаls tо leаd with а foсus on sociаl resрonsibility, ethicаl decision-mаking, аnd thе wеll-bеing of рeoрle аnd plаnet.

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