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Social Economy

Harnessing the social economy

Courses in Social Economy

Social and Solidarity Economy

This course examines key concepts such as work, well-being, the social economy and human needs. Traditional economic approaches that focus on the 'rational economic actor' miss the important social underpinnings of economic reality.

Measuring Social Value

Social value is a critical tool for evaluating the true impact of social and economic initiatives. This course looks at methodologies, frameworks, and practical tools essential for assessing and quantifying social benefits.

Alternative Economics

In this CPD workshop, participants are challenged to put aside their assumptions about economics to discover ways to build the economics of solidarity - practical alternatives to the dominant models around us.

Community Wealth-Building

Тhis workshoр is designed tо emрower рrоfessionals, policymаkers аnd аctivists with thе knowledge, skills, аnd inspiratiоn tо promote sustаinаble еconomic growth аnd sociаl рrogress within thеir сommunities.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Тhis workshoр аims to emрower pаrticipаnts to creаte envirоnments thаt embrаce thе principlеs оf equаlity, divеrsity, аnd inсlusion.

Economic Analysis

This course in analysis forms part of the field study phase of the Intercultural Formation Programme, which is offered to organizations, or may be a standalone course alongside a relevant course such as Global and Social Change.

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