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Intercultural Formation Programme I

Aimed at community organizations, action groups and advocacy groups, this is an intensive one-year field study, which forms the first part of the Intercultural Formation Programme. You must have a minimum of five participants from your organization to join the programme.

What's included?

  • Six detailed field study courses
  • A designated tutor for your group
  • Access to live seminars
  • Online discussion groups


This programme is intensive and should only be undertaken by organizations with a strong commitment to social change. We will provide tutoring and mentoring support, but we ask you as a group to provide peer support as well.

Ongoing formation and development

Those who successfully complete the first phase of the Intercultural Formation Programme will be invited to apply for the subsequent phases: Animation and Continuous Development.

Component courses

Situation Analysis

Understanding values, situation and involvements

Community Analysis

Understanding the local community environment

Economic Analysis

Understanding economic processes and interests

Cultural Analysis

Understanding ideology and culture

Political Analysis

Understanding power, politics and conscientization

International Analysis

Understanding international strategies and movements
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