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The Freire Institute is an organization for transformative community-based learning. In our programmes your own knowledge and life experience becomes the raw material for education. We develop tools and approaches based on the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, whose work has inspired many social movements and educational programmes around the world.
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Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire’s philosophy of education has had a profound impact on people working for social change throughout the world.

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Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire’s philosophy of education has had a profound impact on people throughout the world working for social change. His work has been applied not only to formal educational settings but to many diverse social movements.

Communities and Conflict

A course examining ideas of what we mean by community, the role of conflict, and our roles as activists, organizers or change agents, and the situation of the organizations or institutions in which we work or are involved.

Social and Solidarity Economy

This course examines key concepts such as work, well-being, the social economy and human needs. Traditional economic approaches that focus on the 'rational economic actor' miss the important social underpinnings of economic reality.

Culture, Ideology and Belief

A course on understanding how social movements and faith communities can act as agents of change; the collective myths and underlying conflicts in the environment or groups with which we work; and tools for the analysis of change.

Power, Politics and the State

A course which examines 'politics' in the broader sense: the organizations and institutions of power, the hidden structures of authority and the informal networks that contribute to the inner workings of society, and strategic positioning.

Global and Social Change

In this course we study globalization, development and underdevelopment. We examine how countries in what we once called the 'Third World' were systematically underdeveloped, and also at international movements for change.


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December 10, 2022
 16:00-17:00 BST
What is Conscientization?
November 12, 2022
 16:00-17:00 BST
Economies of Solidarity
January 14, 2023
 16:00-17:00 GMT

Experiential learning

In our programmes, we invite you to share your experience and relate your learning to real-world situations.


Education should never be top-down dissemination of knowledge. It must be dialogical, collaborative and problem-posing.


At the heart of our process is an understanding of the need for systematic social analysis, and the skills and tools to put this into effect in a participatory way.


Assignments are designed to take you through a learning process and build upon your skills and knowledge.

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I have really enjoyed this class. It has brought me so much joy.
Janet (Maryland, USA)

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