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Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy

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In-house training and CPD

Short courses, interactive workshops and tailored packages to make your organization's work more effective.
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Freire, the Artist and the Community

Explore Freirean pedagogy within the context of community arts and performance
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Our course participants love us   

I am so appreciative, I have learned so much within a short amount of time, I didn't want the course to end. 
Stephanie (Georgia, USA)
The sessions and materials were great and supported by opportunities for discussion with other like minded people working in many different places and contexts to my own.
John (Staffordshire, UK)
I have really enjoyed this class. It has brought me so much joy.
Janet (Maryland, USA)

Experiential learning

In our programmes, we invite you to share your experience and relate your learning to real-world situations.


Education should never be top-down dissemination of knowledge. It must be dialogical, collaborative and problem-posing.


At the heart of our process is an understanding of the need for systematic social analysis, and the skills and tools to put this into effect in a participatory way.


Assignments are designed to take you through a learning process and build upon your skills and knowledge.
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